5 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Membership Site with an eCommerce Platform

Integrating your membership site with an eCommerce platform will increase your revenues significantly.

If you are not sure how, or if you are deliberating on whether or not to go along and integrate your membership site with an eCommerce platform, here are x excellent reasons why you should do it:

1. Sell unlimited products in one cart (i.e one checkout process)

No matter which eCommerce platform you choose, one of the greatest benefits of an eCommerce platform is that customers can add any number of products they want to their cart and pay for all of them by going through one checkout process only.

2. Sell large variety of products (Physical / downloadable / virtual / software etc.)

In addition to reason #1, integrating your membership site with an eCommerce platform is even more powerful than just having the option to sell multiple products in one cart, as with an eCommerce platform you can also sell ANY type of product along with the membership.

These products can be: Physical products, downloadable products, virtual products, software and any other type of product that can be sold via the eCommerce platform you are using.

Having the ability to sell other types of products will increase your sales significantly, as you can offer upsells for complementary products related to your membership site’s niche.

For example, if you manage a membership site for teaching piano lessons you can sell physical goods like branded shirts / hats etc., virtual products such a consulting calls, or downloadable products such as musical notes of popular songs.

3. Benefit from more accurate statistics about your members

eCommerce sites offer much more accurate statistics, statistics which you can analyze in order to increase your conversion rates, lower your abandon rates etc.

Examples of statistic information and reports you can get: 

  • Customers lifetime value
  • Most profitable products
  • Earnings over time / on specific dates / events etc.
  • Abandoned customers
  • Cancelled subscriptions
  • Number of completed sales
  • and a lot more

This information will help you come to more accurate conclusions on what you need to do to improve your conversion rates.

4. Get more integrations with important services

Popular eCommerce platforms usually offer a lot more integrations with important services such as payment gateways, autoresponders etc. than when using the integrations offered by the membership platform.

Having the option to choose from a bigger list of services will help you find the most suitable services to suit your membership site’s exact requirements and specifications.

From our experience with many of our customers, this is a highly important reason especially when deciding on the payment model you want and choosing the best payment gateway that will allow you to achieve it.

Sometimes the membership platform will offer a large variety of payment gateways integrations, but none of the integrations will suite your exact needs.

5. Empower your site with dozens of powerful extensions to increase your conversion rates

Big eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads etc. offer a large variety of extensions, many of these extensions’ purpose is to help improve your sales and CTR.

Example of some very effective extensions for generating more sales from the Easy Digital Downloads platform:

  • Sales recovery – Allows you to send emails to abandoned customers to encourage them to complete their purchase
  • Social discounts – Offer discounts for customers who share your product through their favorite social networks to get more exposure
  • Points and rewards – Encourage customer to purchase by getting points they can redeem in their next purchases

You can check the complete list of plugins we are using to manage our EDD-based store at HappyPlugins.com

Membership & eCommerce Platforms Integrations:

Our team at HappyPlugins.com has developed several membership & eCommerce platforms integration plugins for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads with unique features and settings.

You are welcome to check them out and if you have any questions feel free to reply to this post or open a support ticket at: https://happyplugins.com/support

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Wishlist Member & WooCommerce

Wishlist Member & Easy Digital Downloads


MemberMouse & WooCommerce

Paid Memberships Pro: (Coming Soon)

Paid Memberships Pro & WooCommerce

MemberPress: (Coming Soon)

MemberPress & WooCommerce


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