4 Optional Error Page Designs Used by Popular Membership Sites

The error page is a very important part of every membership site as people who land on an error page clearly found your content interesting enough to click and try to enter it.

By designing your error page properly you can increase your conversion rates and your revenues tremendously.

We have gathered 5 different error page designs of 5 highly popular membership sites to give you some ideas on how you can design your error page.

Error Page Design#1: Sales Page (Wishlist Member)

Wishlist Member’s closed community – Wishlist Insider has created a sales page like error page which is basically the same as the main Wishlist Insider sales letter.

Error Page Design#1: Sales Page (Wishlist Member)

Designing your error page like a sales page can help increase your revenues tremendously, especially if you have already split tested several different sales pages and you know what design helps you sell your membership site better.

You can use a simple plugin (free) that will display your sales page inside your error page. The plugin is called Post Content Shortcodes and it will display your sales page by using a simple shortcode that looks like this: [ post-content id=X ]

All you need to do is replace the X with the sales page’s number (this is the page’s id that can be found inside the URL when you edit the page).

The great benefit of using this plugin is that every time you edit your main sales page, your error page will also display the most updated sales page automatically.

Error Page Design #2: Memberships Comparison Table (OptionAlpha.com)

OptionAlpha.com has chosen to display a complete comparison table of the two available memberships, in this case: free and paid.

Error Page Design #2: Memberships Comparison Table (OptionAlpha.com)

Comparison tables is an excellent way to explain the differences between the memberships and what the member will get when registering / upgrading in a very clear and visual way.

Error Page Design #3: Straight Forward Call to Action (Platform University)

The team at Platform University keep it simple and clean with a strict call to action error page:

Error Page Design #3: Straight Forward Call to Action (Platform University)

We see many membership sites’ owners that prefer to have a clean error page, some keep the original Wishlist Member plugin text (“The content you’re trying to view is for members only. Please register in order to access this content”) or they replace it with similar text.

An example of a clean error page can be found on Michael Hyatt’s Platform University website.

Error Page Design #4: Members Status Links (MembershipAcademy.com)

The Membership Academy guys has created a straight-forward error page with important registration links according to the member’s status – members who have not completed the registration process and members who have paused their membership.

Error Page Design #4: Members Status Links (MembershipAcademy.com)

To Sum It Up: 

There are endless error pages designs, you only need to find the right one that will convert best for your audience and will increase your sales.

The best way is to split test several different error pages until you reach your goal conversion rate.

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